Let’s Talk About Logic

It’s been a week since the annual VMA’s, which would usually indicate some big thing has happened in pop culture, but that’s not quite the case this year. There was no twerking Miley, or next level Beyonce performance. We got one really intriguing music video premiere from Taylor Swift, but that would be news with or without a half-hearted award’s show to air it. While nothing really made insurmountable waves strictly in the entertainment world, there was one part of the show in particular that did stand out and make an overwhelmingly important impact: Logic’s performance of 1-800-273-8255.

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The Summer of Break-Up Albums

With summer nearing its end, there’s a lot of last minute plan making to ensure you have a great story to share when inevitably being asked what you did for the last few months. You’ll probably hear the most about lavish vacations, parties, or little day trips with friends. While I’m fortunate that my summer consisted of all three, my choice would not be to respond to that question with any of those options. What did I do this summer? I spent it finding solace in music. Read More