Let’s Talk about the 50 Shades Freed Teaser

The tagline to bring the series full circle: Mrs. Grey will see you know.

The trailer opens with a ominous shot of an all white dress hanging from a chandelier. Symbolism would suggest that this does not bode well for Ana and Christian’s future.

The next shot features the couple getting dressed in wedding finery, with a voice over of Christian reciting his vows. (In my opinion, they tried to make Ana’s dress a little too similar to Kate Middleton’s stunning Alexander McQueen dress, and kind of failed. The way Ana is dressed is also a little too similar to Bella’s wedding dress in first part of the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.)

I’m pretty sure Christian put the ring on the wrong finger, but hey, no judgement.

Favorite line: “We own this,” said by Christian after Ana asks if he owns a fancy plane. Duh, Ana, you married a Master of the Universe. What’s yours is mine, babes.

Next we have a fancy montage in which Fifty Shades Freed tries to mimic all the James Bond films: Christian walking up from the water on a fancy beach and Ana lounging by the pool; a shot of Anna finding a gun (no pun intended); some teased sex scenes interspersed with scenes of a car chase and someone (Christian?) firing a gun (Christian’s sex life is dangerous *eye rolls into another dimension*). Finally, it ends with Ana apparently being kidnapped by what looks like her ex-psycho boss.

But, that’s all we get for now, since the actual trailer drops November 2017. The movie itself drops February 2018, inline with the previous two films.

Laters, babes.

Mr. Grey brought to you by Giphy

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