What Do Guys Really Think of “Chick Flicks”?

Just how much do the masculine figures (or those identifying on the masculine side of the gender spectrum) in our lives really watch RomComs? Do they even like romance? Are they sentimental saps? Do they cry at Jerry Maguire like my father does?

If these are the questions that keep you awake at night, then have no fear since I asked some of the guys I know what their favorite RomComs were. While this isn’t a comprehensive list including all sides of the gender spectrum and whatnot (I am extremely sorry. I only know a very limited amount of people.), maybe their answers will give you some helpful insights next time you’re ready to choose a movie for “Netflix and Chill:”

50 First Dates (2004)

1. “The movie is an original concept that touches upon what it’s like for people who go through that shit. It shows a good side to the negativity that a tragedy can bring.” -Jon, 23

2. “I like 50 First Dates because I like the romantic roles that Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore play in. Romantic comedies are not as intense as other levels of romantic movies and this one I believe does the comedy and romance at a perfect balance. It happens to be my all time favorite movie, as well.” -Brandon, 22

3. “I love Adam Sandler movies. And I also liked it because it showed how someone went out of their way for another person who had a disability.” -Michael, 25

Friends with Benefits (2011)

“Um, just that you can find love in all different ways; just being able to find someone that you can hangout with and be yourself around is the one of the easiest ways to fall in love.” -Dylan, 25

(500) Days of Summer (2009)

(500) Days of Summer is the best Rom-Com because the scene after they have sex for the first time when JGL [Joseph Gordon-Levitt] is dancing with nature is the top number one scene of all time.” -Matt, 23

In case none of you have seen this movie, well, then happy birthday to you:


My favorite RomCom is The Princess Bride (1987). It’s one of those movies that’s funny no matter how many times you’ve seen it, there is no romance like Westley and Buttercup’s, and it’s just spectacular.

Feel free to comment your favorite RomComs below! 🙂

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