New Artist Spotlight: Fly By Midnight

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published under Let Them Eat Cake (Alex’s Old Blog) on 02/03/17. 

In an age where the digital reigns supreme, it’s only natural that people in my generation are frothing at the mouth for anything oozing an ounce of nostalgia. To be honest, I think that’s part of the reason why we carry around polaroid cameras and have record players.

Old is new, new is old. So it goes.

So, where does this leave music? We have uber electronic and synchronized beats thanks to our DJs (Hi! Chainsmokers, Avicii, Zedd, EDC, etc.), and Alt is increasingly picking up styles from other genres. Punk is still Punk as far as I know, and sadly, I think Rock is dying out.

What is being revived, however, are really fantastically awesome Pop beats from the ’80s. I don’t mean everyone’s all of a sudden listening to ’80s Pop music à la Lloyd Dobler, but with groups like Bleachers, Walk the Moon, and even, Taylor Swift’s last album, echoes of ’80s Pop are alive and well; as they should be because even though I wasn’t born in the ’80s they had fucking awesome movies, and music, but like the movies, man.

There’s one group that you might not have heard of yet that brings you all the ’80’s Pop echoes and influences that your little heart could possible want. Ladies, Gentlemen, my mom, I give you: Fly by Midnight.

While the duo has done plenty of cover songs (I highly recommend their cover of “Closer”), their original songs are just as good. Most notably, the duo’s recent release “Vinyl” is teeming with notes of times passed. For more detailed information on the single and their influences, check out this awesome interview they had with Tequila & Denim.

They succeed because they speak to that nostalgia that we all have deep within us: of simpler times before  everything got so fucking complicated. Their other singles, “Brooklyn” and “Karaoke,” have a similar vibe to “Vinyl,” in a perpetual move that is all at once TBT and heavily refreshing.

“Brooklyn” was the duo’s solid, first start into generating their own content; it has a heavy techno feel to it that is very reminiscent of “Safety Dance” by Men Without Hats. The two songs are by no means identical, but if you listen to “Safety Dance,” then you can definitely see what Fly by Midnight was going for with “Brooklyn.”

“Karaoke” is their follow-up to “Brooklyn,” and while it keeps in line with the ’80s Pop vibe that they embed themselves in, listeners really start to see Fly by Midnight emerging with their own unique sound, which they carry over into their recent single, “Vinyl.”

“Vinyl” has the lyrical astuteness of their past two songs, but their original sound is so much more prominent on this single. They really come into their own on it, which immediately makes it a must-listen to and makes them an artist to watch.

I think you all should definitely go dance to vinyl with them. Who knows, maybe once these guys hit it big you’ll actually have an IRL record to listen to them on, or you can fulfill your dream of being Lloyd Dobler and listening to them while serenading that special person with a boombox over your head. I support you regardless of your preferred method of listening to music.

Okay, I’m stopping now, and if you have no idea who the fuck Lloyd Dobler is, shame on you. (JK, just go watch Say Anything.)

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